Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some of my Jewelry Art

I was talking with Mary. She wanted to see a picture of my Christmas tree done in Jewelry. So, I thought I would try to post a few pictures of the tree, a teapot, a snowman and a heart.

Lots and lots of jewelry used on these! The tree is close to 24" tall.

Sorry for some of the messy pictures. I took them just before I gave them away. Wasn't thinking much of picture composition.


  1. THEse are fabulous!~! I just saw some vintage ones at a friends house this Christmas. The ones you have created are much fresher looking and hers were getting kind of tired looking. She is planning to refresh them!! you must have been collecting for a long time!!
    I am going to send Judy a link to this post so she can see them!

  2. I collected at least a year for the tree, trying to get the right colors and all. Then I had tons of jewelry and had to figure out what to do with it. I still have barrels of it! The purple heart I made for my daughter using some of her old jewelry. I even used her barrettes she had as a little girl.

  3. oooh how pretty! I especially love the heart on the bottom! Happy weekend! xox..jenn

  4. Ohlala! Your jewelry assemblage are so funky and pretty, I especially love the heart-shaped ones! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving sweet comments about my art! Please come and visit often, I will do too! Have a great weekend! LuLu

  5. Hi! It's me. Two thoughts come to mind but 1st a comment. I love how in the backround of one of your pictures you have the book, "Pressure (cooking?) for Dummies." Anyway, could use jewelry to embellish a wrapped gift. You might also consider creating cat and dog collars, esp. for those designer dogs. Oh, and a 3rd thought: Take any type of wreath form and use jewelry alone of in combination with greenery or ribbon to make wreathes for any season. I have been collecting jewelry for a long time also. But my creativity never travels from my mind to my hands. I am collecting crosses to glue to the front of a wooden multi-votive holder. Be good, stay warm and,...CREATE!

  6. I know...these are terrible pictures. I was just documenting them over the years. When I did the tree, I had EVERYTHING on my table,including the pressure cooker book for a gift for my daughter. That is too funny...I should learn to use my software and erase that!!

    I will be posting some new pictures of a Beer Cap wreath, a cork wreath, a seashell wreath and many other items in my house I have made.