Friday, April 17, 2009

Painted Some Jewelry

I finally dug out some old wooden jewelry to paint. I separated the big hoops and made two different pairs of earrings from them.

The paper clay pieces, I am still working on. I haven't done anything but prime the wooden bangle. I will work on those this weekend, hopefully.

Blue Banana Dangles!

This is the top part of the old wooden hoops and some cool blue banana shapes from a vintage necklace. I like these a lot.


These are the bottom part of the old hoop earrings. I love to splatter paint!

New Earrings

The hoops I splatter painted. The top part of the old hoops I used to make another pair of earrings. I painted them robin's egg blue. Then I used sparkly nail polish on them. I used parts of a funky old necklace that looked like blue bananas for the dangles.

I like both pairs!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Cleaned the Workspace!!

I am so happy! I got my work area newly organized, cleaned........ready to go! I am so very ready to start creating something........anything.

I just got back from a small vacation with my daughter and grandsons. We went to Georgia. It was colder than in Ohio. I got my taxes done, finally......that was doing me in. My father-in-law is doing pretty well on his chemo.......all is pretty good at the moment. I have no excuses for not getting something done.

My biggest problem now is what to start

I will post something soon about "some" project. All you wonderful, artistic people keep me inspired at all times. Thanks so much.