Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Holding Pattern

I haven't been here to talk in awhile. I miss it.

I have a very sick father-in-law, so I won't be here much for awhile. If anyone has any great, inspiring ideas that I can "think" about while I am at the hospital, let me know. My brain never shuts off, for sure.

I tried to get the butcher paper the other day, but couldn't find it. So, I am still thinking about that. I will try to at least check in once and awhile till the crisis passes.

Any good creative ideas you guys have, gives me something to think about.

Also, I was just over on She is having a giveaway of a beautiful Heart Quiltie. I am inspired everytime I go to her blog. If you have never checked it out, today is the day. I would love to win the heart. It is GREAT.




  1. I'm sorry your father-in-law is sick. A few years ago my grandmother was in the hospital for almost a year, and my family and I practically lived there. I'm not sure if you've ever discovered Sudoku, but it's a great time passer.

  2. That is funny you say that! I just got a Sudoku book. A little hard to concentrate that much sometimes, but I love it.

    I think he may get out of hospital tomorrow...then start chemo in a few days, now that they have his kidneys stabilized somewhat.