Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Been SO Busy!

I have been on two short vacations in May. One was to New York Institute of Technology for my daughter's graduation. She got her masters degree, after all these years. I am so proud of her! Got to see New York City for the first time! How exciting that was.

Then my husband and I went on a short three day trip last week. I am tired of vacation! How dumb is that?

I have been working on my work spaces for weeks. Reorganizing EVERYTHING I own. What a monumental task! I have three rooms I use, and more stuff than you can imagine. As soon as I get my camera back from my brother, I will put up some pictures. I can't wait to get it all done. Now that I am home, I might get it finished!


  1. Glad to hear from you and you should be proud of your daughter! I can identify with the getting organized thing as we are doing the same here. I will have an initial garage sale in a week and a half then if all goes as expected (ha-ha) I will have the mother of all garage sales in the fall. My husband thinks he can tear down chimneys and redo electrical and heating vents and walls and floors in a three month time period. I am thinking we may just have to BUY the huge blue storage container that sits in out driveway. Pray I at least get a dining room or floor to ceiling bookcases out of this deal. I am almost certain that he will have deer heads and ducks etc. hanging in ever room of the house and can I just say that I'm not kidding!!! Peace

  2. New York! How exciting! And a Masters is a real achievement...I have one and lord it took forever and I gave up so many times! How fabulous it will be when your workspaces are organised!

  3. Hey! How have you been? (other than busy) I am liveing in the dust bowl and it is horrible. Can I just bring in the hose and wash it all down? Take care. Peace.

  4. I totally understand! This has been a more than busy crazy time for me. Hope all is well for you and that your summer is fun and productive

  5. Thanks Linda. Things are good, just crazy busy. It has taken me more than a month to reorganize all my stuff in three rooms. It is about to drive me crazy. I am almost done, though. Will post some pictures soon. I am so ready to make some things, not just organize it all!