Friday, July 24, 2009

I Made This

I decided to show a couple of neck scarves I made last year for two reasons. I needed something to post, because I am not finished with the jewelry I am working on at the moment.

And, I want to try and win a cool book on

I am going to be back in the swing of things soon on here, hopefully. My new furnace and a/c are almost done. That has been a slow process....ick.

I have almost all my rearranging of work spaces done. I am ready to create my butt off!



  1. Your creation is gorgeous, your photography fills my eyes. Wonderful!

  2. That was super nice to hear on my birthday. I am for sure not the photographer in the family, that is my brother. But I would love to have his talent, for sure. I post a lot of these pictures, and I am pretty embarrassed by a lot of them. But I figure that is the only way I can learn how to do it.

    Thanks Beth! Awesome coming from such a wonderful photographer.