Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Husband and surgery

My wonderful husband, Darren is having surgery in the morning. I think everything will be ok, but it will be some challenging food/eating/drinking issues in his recovery. It will be difficult. I hope I have the strength to help him, as he has so many times during my health issues.

Any and all good vibes and thoughts sent our way will be much appreciated.

Thanks guys!



  1. I have missed you! Please let me know how things went for your husband. I know you will find yourself filled with as much strength as you need and will be a good caregiver. Be patient. Peace

  2. I DO remember when it was just you and I am grateful to you for getting me started in this journey. I do think I may be walking the line of addiction with this blog thing. Can't I count on you to be my sponsor when I enter the 12-step program? Kisses.

  3. Sending good thoughts your way.. and... I sacrificed a chicken to the goat god just to be on the safe side.. hope all is well..